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In this page you’ll find something more about me and some pointers to external contents I like or I reviewed.

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Extended bio

I was born in S. Giovanni Rotondo (FG), Italy in 1991. I spent my childhood in Basilicata, a charming and wild land in the south of Italy which helped me a lot in shaping my current attitude towards life. After getting my Scientific Lyceum diploma, I moved to Modena (MO) and after less then three years I graduated cum laude in Computer Science. Attracted by the great reputation and the research activities carried on in Bologna, I decided to start my Master in Computer Science there. In 2015 I graduated cum laude with the dissertation Deep Learning for Computer Vision: A comparison between Convolutional Neural Networks and Hierarchical Temporal Memories on object recognition tasks. I’m currently a PhD student @ University of Bologna and developing a great passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I’m a dreamer and an hard worker. I like getting things done.

Curriculum Vitae


You can find more information about my education and professional experiences on my Linkedin profile or you can download my official 3-pages cv in the pdf format.


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