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Vincenzo Lomonaco is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pisa, Italy where he teaches the Artificial Intelligence and Continual Learning courses. Currently, He also serves as Co-Founding President and Lab Director at ContinualAI, a non-profit research organization and the largest open community on Continual Learning for AI, Co-founding Board Member at AI for People, and as Co-Founder of ContinualIST: a University of Pisa Spin-off startup. In Pisa, he works within the Pervasive AI Lab as Task Leader of two main European projects and as Principal Investigator of several industrial research contracts with companies such as Meta, Intel, Leonardo s.p.a. and SeaVision s.r.l. Vincenzo is among the 350 Italian researchers of Future Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR), the largest Italian initiative on AI with a budget of over 110 millions and proud member of ELLIS and CLAIR. In 2023, He got his National Scientific Habilitation for Associate Professorship.

Previously, he was a Post-Doc @ University of Bologna (with: Davide Maltoni) where he also obtained his PhD in early 2019 with a dissertation titled “Continual Learning with Deep Architectures” (on a topic he’s been working on for more than 7 years now) which was recognized as one of the top-5 AI dissertations of 2019 by the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

For more than 5 years he worked as a teaching assistant for the Machine Learning and Computer Architectures courses in the Department of Computer Science of Engineering (DISI) at UniBo. In the past Vincenzo have been a Visiting Research Scientist at AI Labs in 2020, at Numenta (with: Jeff Hawkins, Subutai Ahmad) in 2019, at ENSTA ParisTech (with: David Filliat) in 2018 and at Purdue University (with: Eugenio Culurciello) in 2017. Even before, he was a Machine Learning Software Engineer @ iDL in-line Devices and a Master Student @ UniBo.

His main research interest and passion is about Continual Learning in all its facets. In particular, he loves to study Continual Learning under four main lights: Deep Learning, Distributed Learning and Practical Applications, all within a AI Sustainability developmental framework.


Postdoctoral Researcher 2019 - 2021 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna Supervisor: Prof. Davide Maltoni Research topics: Machine Learning, Continual Learning, Computer Vision.

Affliate Researcher 2019 - 2020 (6 months) AI Labs, Bologna, Italy Supervisor: Prof. Fabio Cuzzolin Description: Collaboration on the research project "Continual Learning for Automatic Video Captioning" with the partners AI Labs, University of Bologna and Oxford Brookes.

Visiting Researcher 2019 (3 months) Numenta, Redwood City, United States Supervisor: Jeff Hawkins, Subutai Ahmad Description: Exploratory research on Neuroscience-Inspired approaches for Continual Learning.

Visiting Researcher 2018 (1 month) ENSTAParis Tech, Parigi, France Supervisor: Prof. David Filliat Description: Vising researcher in the Autonomous Systems and Robotics Lab lead by Prof. David Filliat. Working on Continual Learning for Robotics.

Visiting Researcher 2017 - 2018 (6 months) Purdue University, West Lafayette, United States Supervisor: Prof. Eugenio Culurciello Description: Vising researcher in the e-Lab laboratory lead by Prof. Eugenio Culurciello. Working on Continual Reinforcement Learning with Deep Architectures.

Machine Learning Software Engineer 2014 - 2015 (6 months) University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia Supervisor: Luca Zanni, Riccardo Martoglia Description: Working on a research project in collaboration with the company ILD In-line Devices on the optimization of ML algorithms on embedded devices with MicroLinux OS.

Students Representative 2009 - 2019 Doctoral Students Representative. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna, 2016-2019. Italy. Students Representative. Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. University of Modena and Reggio-Emilia, 2012-2013, Italy.


Independent Courses 2014 - Present Stanford Artificial Intelligence Course (by Udacity) John Hopkins Practical Machine Learning Course (by Coursera) Stanford Machine Learning Course (by Coursera) Deep Learning Course by Google (by Udacity) Doctoral Degree in Computer Science and Engineering 2015 - 2019 University of Bologna Supervisor: Prof. Davide Maltoni Dissertation: Continual Learning with Deep Architectures Specialization: Deep Learning, Continual Learning, Computer Vision. Master Degree in Computer Science 2013 - 2015 Grade: 110/110 with Honors University of Bologna Supervisor: Prof. Davide Maltoni Dissertation: Deep Learning for Computer Vision: a Comparison Between Convolutional Neural Networks and Hierarchical Temporal Memories on Object Recognition Tasks Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Parallel Computing

Bachelor in Computer Science 2010 - 2013 Grade: 110/110 with Honors Università di Modena e Reggio-Emilia Supervisor: Prof. Riccardo Martoglia Dissertation: Progettazione, Realizzazione ed Accessibilità di un Database Biomolecolare sulle Sequenze Ultraconservate del Genoma Umano Specialization: Data Analysis, Information Retrieval, Parallel Computing

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