Where you can find my Research Interests and Activities

Research Interests

I have a strong background in Parallel Computing and Data Analytics. My interest has then evolved towards the field of Artificial Intelligence, having always been intrigued by the idea of building machines as intelligent as humans.
I am now fully engaged in the study of deep learning, continual/lifelong learning, knowledge transfer and distillation, artificial synaptic plasticity and their applications.
The long-term goal of my research aims at answering this single question:
What could make artificial intelligence systems as sustainable (efficient & scalable) and effective as the human brain? And how to implement it algorithmically?
While the answer to the “what” part of the question is obvious to me and it is Continual Learning, the “how” part is the main focus of my research. This mostly means understanding the true nature of biological learning systems that learn continually: by what computational principles they are governed and how the interaction of these principles let to the emergence of intelligent behaviors; and secondly, the design, prototype and experimentation of algorithmic formulations for artificial learning systems.

Focus Areas

My research in Continual Learning is split in three main focus areas: Continual Learning in Deep Learning (and Neuroscience-Inspired AI), Continual Learning and its relationships with Distributed/Federated Learning and Continual Learning for Practical Applications, all within a Sustainable AI developmental framework.
These four different focus areas ensure that my research in continual learning is grounded in Deep Learning, while also preserving a certain degree of (sustainable) practical applicability. This is important to evaluate the reachable level of robustness and maturity of our algorithmic proposals, gather new insights, making a tangible impact in the real-world as well as making sure to direct and take responsibility for this change.

Research Activities

In the past I’ve been a reviewer and a PC member for several conferences such as ISBA 2016, ISBA 2017, ISBA 2018, PIMRC2018, CoRL 2017, ICANN 2019, AAAI 2020, ECAI 2020, EAIS 2020 and a reviewer for prestigious journals such as Elsevier Cognitive Systems Research, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and IEEE Access.
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